LG&E Energy Efficiency Programs

home energyThis week’s Green Triangle Blog theme is home energy efficiency.  Today we’ll explore energy efficiency programs offered from LG&E.

LG&E offers several energy efficiency programs for users.  For starters, complete an online home energy analysis, in which you answer several questions about your home and energy use.  Combining this information with your energy usage statistics, the report tells you how your home uses energy and suggests ways to improve energy efficiency.  Take the online energy analysis.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete.  You may also have an on-site home energy analysis performed by a professional who will recommend ways to improve energy efficiency, make some improvements on-site, and will give you a detailed report for a fee of $25.  Sign up for an on-site home energy analysis.  In the year after your on-site energy analysis you are eligible for incentives if you increase your home’s energy efficiency by at least 30%.  Learn more

The WeCare (Weatherization, Conservation Advice and Recycling Energy) Program from LG&E offers low-income residents assistance with energy efficiency education and weatherization.  Services offered to many program participants include walk-through inspections, energy education, HVAC and water heater inspections, air sealing, and attic insulation.  Find program eligibility here.

Residential customers are eligible to receive compact fluorescent lights (CFL) bulbs from LG&E.  These light bulbs are more energy efficient and last longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. If you do not already receive CFLs in the mail from LG&E, sign up to do so here.

LG&E also offers rebates on purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances, $50 for recycling an old refrigerator or freezer, and the Demand Conservation programCommercial users are also eligible for programs from LG&E.

Get Paid for Energy Efficiency Upgrades at Home

LG&E is now offering home energy rebates to help offset the costs of making energy efficient upgrades around the home.  Through the launch of its Home Energy Rebates Program, LG&E and KU are targeting customers who plan to make specific appliance and product upgrades in an effort to make these energy efficient purchases more affordable.  Home energy rebates range from $50 to $300 for various ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances, as well as high-efficiency window film and HVAC systems. 

Rebates are available for the following items:

  • ENERGY STAR Heat pump water heater - $300
  • ENERGY STAR Refrigerator – $100
  • ENERGY STAR Clothes washer - $75
  • ENERGY STAR Freezer – $50
  • ENERGY STAR Dishwasher – $50
  • Window Film – Up to 50 percent of material costs; a maximum of $200 (Labor not included.)
  • Central air conditioner – $100, plus an additional $100 for every SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) unit greater than the federal minimum standard
  • Air-source heat pump – $100, plus an additional $100 for every SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) unit greater than the federal minimum standard

To ensure an appliance is ENERGY STAR qualified, check for the ENERGY STAR logo.  A full list of ENERGY STAR® appliances and products is available at here.

How to Apply
Customers can sign in to My Account  to start a rebate application online or call 1-800-356-5467.

Customers must complete a rebate application and submit their proof of purchase, which is a valid store receipt including purchase date, model number and complete purchase information. Once a rebate application is approved, a rebate check will be mailed within four weeks.

Sustainability Tip – LG&E Programs

LG&E just announced a new energy efficiency program that offers customers $30 to recycle their old refrigerator.  If you have an extra refrigerator that you only store a few items in, this is a great chance to get rid of it and get $30 while properly recycling your appliance.  LG&E will pick up the refrigerator to be recycled.  According to Energy Star, refrigerators made 30 to 40 years ago use about twice the amount of energy each year as compared to modern Energy Star models, which use about 500 kilowatt hours each year.  Learn more about this new program

LG&E has several energy efficiency programs that you can take advantage of to save energy and money.  The Demand Conservation Program can save you up to $20 each summer.  To participate, LG&E installs a device on your central air conditioner or heat pump, and they can then remotely turn off your air conditioning during peak usage days in the summer to reduce strain on the electric grid.  Learn more and sign up

You  can get a discount on an A/C testing and tune-up through LG&E to make sure your air conditioning is running efficiently as we gear up for summer.  Learn about this program

View all LG&E energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers.