Enter to Win a Rain Barrel

rain barrelDuring the month of November, if you create a new profile and fill out the sustainability survey on the Green Triangle website, update your survey, or post on the forum, you will be entered into a drawing to win a rain barrel.  This rain barrel was donated by Coca-Cola and comes with a kit to easily install it on a gutter on your home.  Visit the Green Triangle website today to help quantify the steps our community is taking to improve sustainability.  Make a new profile, update your survey, or post on the forum to be entered to win.  The Green Triangle survey asks you questions about what you are doing to be more green, and we track all the steps the 9th District is taking to see what a great difference we are making.  For instance, as of early October, 9th District residents reported that they walk or bike a total of 413 miles a week instead of driving.  This saves 997 gallons of gas per year, which saves the release of 17,584 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Green Triangle Booth at National Night Out

National Night OutThe Louisville Metro Police Department 5th Division is hosting the 29th Annual National Night Out… America’s Night Out Against Crime on August 7 from 5:00 to 9:00 pm at the Peterson-Dumesnil House, 301 S Peterson.   The Green Triangle will have a booth at the event. 

Stop by to learn more about how to be involved in creating a sustainable community!  Bring your old handheld electronics to recycle through Eco-Cell and the Green Triangle and get a Green Triangle water bottle.

Acceptable handheld electronics include: cell phones, cell phone accessories, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players, handheld game systems, GPS handheld units, laptops, e-readers and portable hard drives.  All cords and related items can also be recycled.  If you’re not attending the National Night Out you can drop off handheld electronics at many locations in the 9th District.  Find a list of locations here.

The 5th Division invites neighborhood groups, community groups and businesses within the 5th Division to participate in National Night Out by setting up a booth or table at the event.  Volunteers are needed for this event.  To volunteer please call 574-7636.

Share Your Green Steps

The Green Triangle is working to collect all of the green steps that our community is taking.  When we add these steps together, we see what an incredible difference we are making towards a sustainable future for our community.  Join in by creating a profile on the Green Triangle website.

Have you changed out incandescent light bulbs and replaced them with CFLs? Do you have a vegetable garden?  Have you disconnected your downspouts?  These are all questions that you will be asked when you create a Green Triangle profile.  We work full bike rackbehind the scenes to quantify what all these steps mean in the 9th District.  For instance, so far 9th District community members report that they walk or bike a total of 147 miles a week instead of driving.  This saves 369 gallons of gas per year, which saves the release of 7232 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year.

If you live in the 9th District, you can choose for your answers to populate a map of green resources.  You’ll be able to see which neighbors near you are gardening, raising chickens, are participating in expanded recycling, and more.  You can use this tool to make connections and learn from your neighbors. 

So, start today by creating a profile and add to the amazing totals of green steps being taken in the 9th District.  You can see the totals, which are being updated as new data comes in, by clicking here.

Recycle Handheld Electronics with Eco-Cell

Cell Green TriangleThe Green Triangle is partnering with Eco-Cell, a local business in the 9th District, to recycle handheld electronics to benefit the Green Triangle.  For each item donated, materials will be kept out of the landfill and the Green Triangle will receive funds to make our community more sustainable. 

You can drop off electronics for recycling at the following locations:

Find these locations on a map of 9th District Green Resources.

Other drop off locations in the 9th District will be announced.  If your business would like to serve as a drop off location, please email Katie Holmes

Acceptable items include: cell phones, cell phone accessories, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players, handheld game systems, GPS handheld units, laptops, e-readers and portable hard drives.  All cords and related items can also be recycled.  Learn more.

There are many reasons to recycle electronics.  Benefits include keeping valuable materials out of landfills, reducing the need for mining of rare metals used to make cell phones and therefore preserving gorilla habitat, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Learn more from Eco-Cell.

Green Triangle Teams Need Volunteers

Are you looking for a way to get involved in greening our community?  Join a Green Triangle Goal Team. 

We are currently recruiting volunteers who live or work in the 9th District for the Waste/Recycling Team and the Network Team.  Both teams meet once a month, from 6:00-7:30pm on the second Thursday.   

The Waste/Recycling Team is starting its work by focusing on education on and increasing participation in the following topics: curbside recycling  (including expanded recycling) and electronics (partnership with Eco-Cell) and battery recycling. 

The Network Team is working to build community and increase sustainability through human interaction and the Green Triangle website.  If you’d like more information or would like to join either team, please contact Katie Holmes.

The Green Triangle Website is Interactive

The Green Triangle website, www.mygreentriangle.com has been updated to include interactive features to allow individuals, businesses, and groups to create profiles to track their progress towards sustainability.  This data will be pooled to show the combined results of the 9th District, such as how much energy has been saved by using energy efficient light bulbs, or how many gallons of water have been kept out of the sewer system through the use of rain barrels.  Responses will also populate a community map of green features including rain gardens, bee hives, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens.  Neighbors can use the map to make connections with others who are working on sustainability. There is also a forum to discuss green issues.  

Rain garden

The new community map shows green features, including rain gardens

Wherever you live, be one of the first people to track your progress by going to www.mygreentriangle.com and clicking “Create a Profile & Track My Progress!”  After you complete your survey, you can see how your results compare to others in the 9th District and other areas.  You can also learn more about all of the topics covered in the survey. 

Come back often to update your progress and to see totals of the good work that the 9th District is doing to create a more sustainable future.

Green Triangle 2011 in Review

2011 was an exciting year for the Green Triangle.  As the Green Triangle works with individuals, businesses, and government to realize our vision, the 9th District office is also working to view public projects through a green lens.  Below is a review of Green Triangle and 9th District office work on sustainability in 2011.

Green Triangle Projects:

  • Green Triangle website launched at http://www.mygreentriangle.com/ with lots of resources for living a more sustainable life.  This year the website will become fully interactive.
  • The Expanded Recycling Program was created for 9th District residents and businesses.  For a onetime fee of $55 businesses and residents can receive a 95-gallon recycling cart.
  • The Green Triangle Coordination Team used community input to create two initial Green Triangle community goals:
    • Waste/Recycling Goal: Create a universal access system for recycling and repurposing in the 9th District, to reduce the overall waste output of the District.
    • Network Goal: Create a supportive network as a tool that connects people and ideas to each other, empowering individuals, businesses, and organizations to be more environmentally sustainable in their thoughts and actions.
  • Volunteers were recruited to serve on two Goal Teams to create strategies and projects to achieve the goals above.  We’re still recruiting in 2012 – learn more about how to get involved.
  • Waste Cooking Oil Recycling: The Green Triangle started a partnership with Louisville Biodiesel Cooperative and MSD to provide residents the opportunity to recycle waste cooking oil to create renewable biodiesel.
  • Partnered with River Metals Recycling to offer extra incentives for 9th District residents to recycle metal leading up to the fall junk pick up.

9th District Public Projects and Grants with a Green Lens:

  • A 12-stall bike rack was installed at the public parking lot on Frankfort Avenue and N. Keats Avenue.  This is the first bike rack to replace a vehicle parking space in the county.
  • Two rain gardens were installed on Warren Road to address storm water runoff issues.
  • Sponsored a resolution, which was approved by the Metro Council in July, creating changes to the Land Development Code to include incentives for green development.  Read a press release on the new ordinance.
  • The Billy Goat Hill Community Garden received the “Electric Goat,” a new electric riding lawn mower, through 9th District Neighborhood Development Funds. 
  • The Tree Canopy Committee of Billy Goat Hill Community Garden received 9th District Neighborhood Development Funds to implement the first phase of the Tree Canopy Improvement Plan for Frankfort Avenue.  This will increase the vitality of the urban forest along Frankfort Avenue from Mellwood to Ewing through measuring the health of current trees and suggesting appropriate types of trees for future planting. 
  • Funds were provided for Metro Parks staff to provide seasonal land management for the Clifton Heights Greenway.

    Volunteers at the Spring 2011 9th District Clean Up

  • Produced “Recycling 201” video with 8th District Councilman Tom Owen and Metro TV to explain the single stream recycling system that Louisville Metro is now using.  Watch the video on the District 9 website.
  • Helped sponsor the 2011 Wild and Scenic Film Festival, hosted by the Kentucky Waterways Alliance.
  • Sponsored spring and fall 9th District community cleanups, in conjunction with Brightside’s Community-Wide clean ups.

Green New Year Resolutions

Are you working on a list of New Year’s resolutions?  Have you considered trying to live a greener life in 2012?  If so, the Green Triangle website has plenty of tools and resources that can help you achieve this.

The Green Tips calendar offers a tip every day on how to live a more sustainable life.  Themes in the calendar include air, energy, food & soil, transportation, waste & recycling, and water.  Make a resolution to complete one green tip a week, or focus on a specific theme throughout the year.

Another way to get involved in sustainability in the New Year is to join one of the Green Triangle Goal Teams.  The Network Goal Team and the Waste/Recycling Goal Team are both getting started in January 2012, and we are looking for 9th District residents interested in building a sustainable community to join us in implementing the Green Triangle goals.  If you’d like to join a Goal Team, please contact Katie Holmes for more information.

Is your small recycling bin always overflowing?  If so, and you live in the 9th District within the Urban Services District (click here to find out), you can order a large 95-gallon recycling cart for a one time fee of $55.  If you are interested in making a New Year’s resolution to recycle more with a larger recycling cart, please contact Katie Holmes for more information.

Want to start off the year by volunteering to green our community?  Check out the Green Triangle events calendar to find volunteer opportunities in January with Olmsted Parks Conservancy.  If you want to learn more about sustainability issues in the New Year, you can find many educational events listed on the Green Triangle events calendar as well. 

In the New Year the Green Triangle website will become interactive.  You’ll be able to create a profile, help create a community map of green resources, and track your progress towards a sustainable future.  Check back for more information.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution related to greening your life that you’d like to share?  If so, leave a comment below.

Are you a 9th District resident who is already taking steps towards sustainability and have a story that you would like to share for the Green Triangle blog or website?  If so, share it here.

Neighborly Recycling

by Dave Vislisel, Green Triangle Coordination Team member

This is a story about “synergistic” trash recycling, perhaps just in time to inspire you to recycle all the gift wrapping and packaging!

9th District Expanded RecyclingA few months ago, I received my big, new, bright-orange recycle bin.  I printed my address on my new purchase ($55, from Metro Louisville) and offered my small, orange bin to a neighbor who wasn’t recycling; lucky for me (as it turns out), she had one she was not using, and decided to begin recycling, then and there.

Then, since my low-level-consumer wife and I rarely fill our small bin, I decided to share my giant, new shiny one (named “Big Orange”) with another, four-person-household neighbor. His small bin regularly overflowed, his large garbage trolley was always full, and he was trying to motivate his teen daughters to recycle regularly. Thus, he was delighted with my offer, and even offered to house “Big Orange” in his garage.  Within a week, “Big Orange” was so full that I had to use my old bin to put out my recyclables!  And so it has remained, week after week, for over two months.  At the same time, his garbage trolley has been only a quarter or a third full.  Needless to say, I am delighted.  And, as a bonus, I can drop the one-cubic-foot bag of garbage we generate each week (that’s another story, for later!) into his garbage trolley, so I rarely need to roll my trolley up the hill to our street.  How much better can life get?

And so, as a born-again conservationist, I hope you too will consider “loving thy neighbor” by looking for ways to share efforts in recycling, composting, and reducing trash-garbage.  And, please, pick up that bit of trash you see on sidewalks and streets! 

If you are a 9th District resident or business owner and are interested in purchasing a large 95-gallon recycling cart, please contact Katie Holmes.  

Green Triangle Goal Teams Starting in New Year

If you are thinking about a New Year’s resolution to be more involved in your community, or to work to be more sustainable in your actions, consider becoming involved in a Green Triangle Goal Team.

Two new Green Triangle Goal Teams are starting in the New Year.  We are looking for volunteers interested in creating a greener community for both teams, and volunteers are especially needed for the Network Goal Team.

The Network Goal Team will create a supportive green network to connect people and ideas to each other.  Learn more about the Network Goal Team.  The Network Goal Team will meet from 6:00 – 7:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.  Meeting location in the 9th District will be determined.

The Waste/Recycling Goal Team will work to create a comprehensive recycling and repurposing system for the 9th District.  Learn more about the Waste/Recycling Goal Team.  The Waste/Recycling Goal Team will meet from 7:15 – 8:15pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.  Meeting location in the 9th District will be determined.

If you are interested in joining either team, please contact Katie Holmes for more information. 

This article appeared in the Green Triangle eNews.  See the full edition and subscribe to the bi-weekly eNews.