Recycle Handheld Electronics with Eco-Cell

Cell Green TriangleThe Green Triangle is partnering with Eco-Cell, a local business in the 9th District, to recycle handheld electronics to benefit the Green Triangle.  For each item donated, materials will be kept out of the landfill and the Green Triangle will receive funds to make our community more sustainable. 

You can drop off electronics for recycling at the following locations:

Find these locations on a map of 9th District Green Resources.

Other drop off locations in the 9th District will be announced.  If your business would like to serve as a drop off location, please email Katie Holmes

Acceptable items include: cell phones, cell phone accessories, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players, handheld game systems, GPS handheld units, laptops, e-readers and portable hard drives.  All cords and related items can also be recycled.  Learn more.

There are many reasons to recycle electronics.  Benefits include keeping valuable materials out of landfills, reducing the need for mining of rare metals used to make cell phones and therefore preserving gorilla habitat, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Learn more from Eco-Cell.

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